Before we get into the update, make sure to check out our project roadmap article! This is a working, high level roadmap and all feedback is welcomed!

With that out of the way, let’s get into the update!

“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.”

Product Updates

These past two weeks have been quite productive on the development side. We’ve created a new open sourced package for other clients (e.g. market makers, trading bots, etc.) to use. This package will contain all of the markets our UI will support.

Our open sourced market tracker has continued to improve, and is on the path towards becoming flexible enough for other…

Outside of the project updates we post here on Medium, we have essentially been building in silence. You all know we are aiming to bring options to the Solana ecosystem, but how exactly are we planning to do it? As we work to create a quality launch plan with some partners, we wanted to share a public PsyOptions roadmap. This is a working, high level road map and all feedback is welcomed. There are other details along this road that are left out for brevity, like a forum we plan to launch in the next couple weeks.

Speculator UI — Q3

One of the…

From market trackers and simplified UIs, to NFT giveaways and game nights, there’s a lot for us to cover in this update!

SOL Summer was always about building.

Product Updates

As we mentioned in our previous update, one of our main focuses at the moment is our market tracker. This infrastructure will allow long term data to be indexed off chain, and is critical for us to provide wallet’s with information such as their trade history, PnL, and more. This week we finished our OpenOrders component, and now have the basic infrastructure needed to display trade history, and PnL. It will undergo some refactoring before these features are…

The wait is over, our biweekly update is here! We switched to a biweekly format because our development team works in two week sprints, and this way we will be able to paint a clearer picture of what we have been working on over the course of the sprint. Two weeks flies by, and there’s a lot we want to update you all on, so buckle up!

Product Updates

On the product side we’ve made great progress on a number of things. Last week we posted a short thread on Twitter about how we used Program Derived Accounts to fix a bug…

After a hectic couple of weeks filled with travel and an illness, we’re back with another weekly update! We know you all have been waiting for more updates, and we thank you for your patience. Now let’s cut to the chase!

Product Updates

We’ve been onboarding a ton of new Alpha testers, and valuable feedback has come with it. Based on the feedback we’ve been getting from our Alpha testers, we’ve been working on making UI improvements for the product. We’ve also been working on improving Phantom wallet support by making it possible to automatically connect to Phantom each time you visit…

Is the coast clear? Hopefully everybody made it out ok! Yet another wild day in the crypto industry. It isn’t the first, and it won’t be the last. That’s why we keep building! With that said, come check out what we’ve been working on this week.

This is fine..

Product Updates

This week has been more of the same: stomping out bugs that have popped up during alpha testing, and making minor improvements that have been suggested by our alpha testers. To expand a bit, we’ve tweaked the font, fixed an order matching bug, and added a cancel all orders/settle all funds button. …

After a long week of psyoping the community, we’re back with another weekly update! Solana Summer is beginning to heat up, and we’ve been working hard to become a key part of it. Come check out what we’ve been working on!

Solana Summer will be like this…but on the internet

Product Updates

The team has continued working on fixing the minor bugs that have come up during the alpha testing process. We’ve also been focused on revamping the open positions dashboard based on user feedback we’ve received during alpha testing, as well as the large number of feature requests for more detailed portfolio information. We have started working with a handful…

It was a busy week for the PsyOptions team as we prepared to launch on EOS! This was a tough decision, but we know our community will stand by us!

Just kidding….

All jokes aside, it really was a busy week for the PsyOptions team as we worked towards preparing the protocol for a wider release.

An accurate depiction of this past week.

Product Updates

Over this past week the dev team was focused on fixing minor bugs that have been pointed out during the alpha testing process. There were also minor improvements made to the front end. The most requested feature was displaying Implied Volatility, which we quickly…

“One hour here is seven years on Earth.”

They say time flies, and in crypto it flies 10x faster. It’s only been a week since our previous update, but there’s a lot we want to catch you up on! Things are starting to heat up here at PsyOptions, and we’re excited to share what’s cooking.

Product Updates

Our dev team has been hard at work preparing PsyOptions for the beta testing process! The open order component has been a primary focus for the team this week, as it’s one of the most important UI pieces moving forward. We want this to be functioning well before we open up the private…


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